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At Rancho, we strive to create the most low-impact, environmentally-friendly and effective products / packaging we can. We want to provide a positive customer experience without compromising our values. This means we use practical, biodegradable or recyclable packaging that generates as little waste as possible.

While our packaging is not completely zero-waste, we strive to minimize the amount of trash we produce and make packaging-related decisions based on their environmental and humanitarian impact. We opt for recyclable materials such as aluminum, cardboard and glass over plastics. We know there are areas where we can still do better and we are always seeking more sustainable packaging solutions without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality, so please reach out if you have a brilliant packaging solution!

Please recycle & reuse


Rancho Organics’ infused salve, lip balm, cream and tincture are made by hand, combining traditional herbal healing practices with modern medical research and oversight. We strive to create clean, chemical-free, small-batch preparations that help ease body pain and stress, making us a favorite for those seeking relief from a non-pharmaceutical alternative. Our products are hand-crafted in small batches, infusing certified organic ingredients when available, with our own proprietary strains of full-spectrum, whole-plant, chemical-free, cannabidiol-rich hemp, sustainably grown on our family farm in San Luis Obispo County, California.

“I’ve had the pleasure of using Rancho CBD products for the last 2 years. I discovered the salve and tincture from a friend who recommended their products when I was bedridden in recovery with a severe injury and surgery for a detached hamstring. It provided relief for that injury so I now use it on other areas since I have other sports related residual body pains.

Their products, knowledge and customer service is truly top of the line. Production is quality controlled, content is tested in labs, and they have a highly respected practitioner available for discussion.

My parents and friends are now using their products and finding great success in relieving stressed joints, arthritis, reducing anxiety and improving sleep.

I also work with a vast number of cancer patients that are finding the same results. A product like this that can help us naturally improve our body and reduce inflammation, is a great benefit for all! They truly have a passion to help others heal!”

Jenny Mulks

Founder & CEO, Along Comes Hope®

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