Our Rancho research affiliates study a variety of beneficial hemp applications spanning a number of areas including medical research, the environment, soil remediation, pesticide and fertilizer reduction, plant genetics, strain development, seed propagation, microclimate studies, habitat restoration, medical applications, and sustainable “hemp-crete” home construction.
The National Institute of Cannabinoid and Endo-Cannabinoid Research Center –(NICER), a division of UCLA, utilizes hemp distillates cultivated from hemp seed and flower in different microclimates. The Rancho farm is an official data collection site for this research to determine how different soil, cultivation techniques, micro-climates, and plant genetics can all influence the efficacy of hemp for various medical applications and remediating the environmental impacts of farming. These findings are being tracked and cataloged to guide future research.

Riparian Bio-Support – Genetic studies, seed propagation, and special-strain development are the primary goals of these research and data-collection efforts. Developing and propagating plant characteristics that focus on pest resistance, mold resistance, plant yield, and potential medical applications further our goals of eliminating the need for toxic pesticides and fertilizers now commonly used in industrialized agriculture.

Grass-C Stewardship/Pollen Drift –Best Management Farming Practices/ Land Stewardship. Our farm serves as the pilot farm for the Upper Salinas Las Tablas Resource Conservation District Environmental Stewardship Program (GRASS-C Program), which is designed to help cultivators throughout the state with the best management farming practices and land stewardship. We are expanding research on pollen drift related to special AVA Microclimate growing regions, and how topography and climate impact pollen drift.

Clinician Affiliate / Product AdvisorDr. Matt Montee is an experienced clinician and primary care provider, holding a Ph.D., M.S., and P.A. from Cornell University. He previously served as the Medical Director for Global Protection Shield, and has worked extensively with Doctors Without Borders, Wilderness Medical Society, Trek Medics Intl., Waves for Water, Surfing Doctors, and Global Stem Cell Network. Dr. Montee is passionate about the clinical applications of cannabinoids as they apply to primary care and serves as product development advisor for the Rancho Organics product line.